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Blair Estate Chocolate

Blair Estate Chocolate


Blair Estate Farm chocolate is made from our Kauaʻi grown cacao. The pods are picked at peak ripeness, hand pulped, and fermented using a proprietary strain of yeast. Once the beans have fully fermented they are dried in the open sun. We then barrel age our cacao for several long years. The long maturation period draws out flavors that are not found in young chocolate. Once we determine a vintage of chocolate is fully developed we drum roast the beans at one of three levels: light (fruit and citrus), medium roast (nutty and caramel), or dark (cocoa and vanilla).  We then crack, winnow, add in the sugar, and conche for 48 hours and until the texture is silky smooth. The chocolate is then brought to temper, molded, and hand packaged for sale. The result of all this hard work and loving attention will lead you to discover your sixth sense.


Les, Gigi, Jessica, Jorgen, Tai and Trevyn



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